Bham Barre is a boutique fitness studio that offers multiple barre class formats to add variety to your fitness regime!


Founded on the techniques of dance, pilates, and yoga, our classes will leave you feeling challenged and recharged.


Bham Barre is not a franchise, which sets us apart in that we are totally independently owned. We also believe in working in a neutral spine.


This means we never "tuck" in class.

Our low-impact, form-focused classes are perfect for everybody, no matter where you are in your fitness journey! You can take a class every day and never take the same class twice, keeping your muscles guessing and your mind engaged during the whole class.

Note: Our main location is found

inside Forma Arts + Wellness

on 3rd Ave N & 19th St N


Burn calories all day!

This class is a HIIT workout that uses the foundations from Classic Barre combined with bursts of Tabata style cardio intervals; 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for Four Minutes


This class will definitely make you sweat!

Tabata Barre

Burn Fat & See the Change!

Built on the foundations of Classic Barre,

this class uses circuits that combines barre and cardio intervals to

get your blood pumping & muscles shaking.

Bootcamp Barre

We believe in maintaining the natural curves of the spine, as opposed to the traditional “barre tuck,” in order to protect the integrity of the body’s alignment and facilitate circulation through the numerous nerve endings along the spine.

We believe this is the optimal positioning for the body while sitting, standing, walking, and exercising. It is important to maintain this neutral alignment from the cervical spine (neck) all the way down through the lumbar spine (low back) and tailbone.

Understanding and becoming aware of what “neutral” is and feels like can help clients improve their posture in daily life. -BarreAMPED

Why Neutral Spine?

A full body workout founded on the technique of dance, the mind body connection of yoga, and the core integration of pilates.

This class creates long, lean muscles by using tiny movements and small isolated holds to work your muscles until extreme fatigue but still keeps a smile on your face.

Great for all levels!

Classic Barre

HIIT Barre is a bootcamp-style workout that begins with intense cardio training intervals, followed by strength and conditioning through functional movements of the whole body, but is shortened to be able to fit in with your busy schedule!

HIIT Cardio Barre